The petition is circulating in all 58 California Counties. Look for the one with the blue check watermark. Can’t find the petition? Have volunteer petitions mailed to you.

California is the land where innovators and visionaries lead the world into the future. But what about our future? Our state has grown, and so have our problems.

It’s about time we turn our innovation inward.

It’s time to imagine a new future for California. A future where people are closer to their government. A future where regions we live in are able to raise each other up collectively. A future where competing with each other for the best job creation, education systems, and tax policy becomes the norm.

That future could be real if we are willing to imagine a better way.

Six Californias means:

  • More jobs
  • Better education
  • More affordable housing and higher education
  • Better water management
  • Traffic solutions

Are you willing to imagine Six Californias?

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